Portable Fertilizer Machine SP-C

Main Feature:
Simple and reasonable structure
Pressure and flow can be adjusted within the rated rang
Suitable for a variety of voltage work, DC12V-AC220V full line AC and DC voltage can be used, can also be directly driven by photovoltaic panels (customized)
Suitable for water-based fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers.
Mainly used in greenhouses and field irrigation.
It is not affected by the night of the pipeline and will not cause loss of pipeline pressure.

Type Power Supply Pressure/flow(hour) Scope Of Application
Type A 12-220V photovoltaic 5KG/150L Drip irrigation in greenhouses, sprinkler irrigation in fields
Type B 12-0220V 3KG/100L Drip irrigation fertilizer supply in greenhouses
Type C 12-220V 4.5KG/120L Large-scale and high-pressure irrigation such as reel sprayers
Type D 12-220V photovoltaic 4.5KG/120L Greenhouse irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, etc