Single Channel Water and Fertilizer Machine SP-A

The main technical parameters
Basic parameter:
1.Three-wire power supply Voltage380V±10%
2. Double-leaf four-blade mixing motor,Stainless 304 steel, power0.75KW
3.0.75KW Stainless steel fertilizer pump, Rated dust55M, flow0.5-2
4. Overall size barrel diameter 1M,height1.2M 5. Seven inch color touch screen
5. Seven inch color touch screen

Basic skill:
1.Real-time monitoring of total fertilizer input and instantaneous fertilizer application
2.adjustable instantaneous fertilizer amount (manual adjustment)
3.Real-time monitoring of operating voltage
4.Real-time monitoring and alarm functions for various types of faults

Protective function:
1. Scalable low level protection
2. Fertilizer pump, Mixing motor overload protection
3. fertilizer pump stall protection, Filter blockage protection
4. Low flow protection(Too low for flow regulation)
5. Irrigation water is unidirectionally isolated from the fertilizer application system
Extended function (optional)

Extended function (optional)
1. Intelligent well room constant pressure water supply function
2.The amount of fertilizer is automatically adjusted according to the amount of water.Voltage overrun protection
3. Can be expanded up to 127 automatic irrigation
4. Intelligent on-demand calculation of water supply, Field weather station
5.Mobile APP remote control function, IoT node function

Installation precautions
1. The voltage is three-phase 380V power supply, the minimum working voltage is 330V, and the maximum working voltage is 450V. Please do not use more than this range. The total power consumption is less than 2.5KW. The optional power cord is not less than 2.5 square GB copper wire, and the leakage side protector should be installed on the incoming side.
2. According to the wiring drawing wiring, if you are not sure, you can directly consult the manufacturer's technical staff.
3. After installation, first check whether the voltage of the console voltage display is within the allowable range, and whether the voltages are balanced.
4. Check if the pump steering is correct. If the wiring is not correct, adjust the pump output phase sequence.
5. Exhaust gas is required before use, otherwise the pressure will not reach the rated output.
6. If the power fails to be turned on after power-on, the emergency stop switch may be pressed.