Soaker hose

Description: Infiltration can also be called underground drip irrigation, it is a tubular emitter. when the bube is full of water, the water will go through the pores inside the tube and arrive at the roots of plants through capilary of the soil.

Id(mm) 12.5-15.4
Od(mm) 17.1-20.4
Thickness(mm) 2.3-2.5
Weight(kgs) 1.4-2.7
Water seepage at wp1bar(l/min) 6-10

Application:Green market, roof garden, vertical greening, fruit tree planting flower nursey, green houses, field crop, seasonal dry and drought -prone crop and aquaculture ponds.

Advantage:Save water, fat section, energy saving, save labor, improve soil, inhibit pests and diseases, protect root.