Three Channels Low Pressure Water fertilizer Machine SP-C

Power supply:220V/380V
Absorbing power:0.75-5.5KW
Machine weight:50KG
Inlet and outlet:DN32
Maximum amount of fertilizer:18-480L/H
Product component: fertilizer pump,flow sensors,frequency converter,the electromagnetic valve
Product structure:3-10 suciton channel,can control 3-127 electromagnetic valves
Product application:greenhouse,orchard,vegetables,garden field agronomy

Basic parameter:
1. External solenoid valve control
2. Seven inch touch screen control3. Manual adjustment of fertilizer intake4. Irrigation fertilization process expansion5. Water source first control function6. Comes with one way 485 interface7. Irrigation mode:Partition loop,Timed quantitative control,Automatic adjustment of irrigation time according to different time periods8. Control software can be written according to user requirements

1. Real-time monitoring of total fertilizer input and instantaneous fertilizer application
2. Instantaneous fertilizer loading is adjustable(manual adjustment)3. Real-time monitoring of operating voltage4. Real-time monitoring and alarm functions for various types of faults

Protective function:
1. Fertilizer pump, Mixing motor overload protection
2. Fertilizer pump stall protection
3. Filter blockage protection
4. Low flow protection(Too low for flow regulation)
5. Irrigation water is unidirectionally isolated from the fertilizer application system
6. Scalable low level protection

Extended function:
1. EC,PH(Sensor included) Fertilizer concentration test,Water pH test
2. Mobile APP(Includes one year service fee and APP signal conversion)
3. Automatic fertilizer mixing tank with stirring motor
4. Weather station, soil moisture
5. Automatic partitioning up to 256 channels
6. Remote constant pressure water supply control